Mischa Barton Out And About In Soho

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  2. Mischa is such a cutie!
  3. She looks great!! I love her hair colour!!
  4. i think she looks so much better with the dark hair! she looks awesome!
  5. Yeah, I like her better with dark hair too.
    Love her outift, especially her shoes.
  6. i love mischa but i don't like her style so much.
  7. she looks nice and casual
  8. I don't mind some of the stuff that she wears, but those jeans and pumps I don't like.
  9. Beautiful girl !
  10. i love that style. very casual and down to earth...
    btw, what is that bag? is that MJ?
  11. I think the bag is chloe!!
    I sometimes love ehr outfits, sometimes not, and am not realy feeling this one...it takes a certian person to pull of those jeans and imo, she doesnt!
  12. She looks great!!!
  13. I love Mischa, she's so classy.

    (Also just posted how much I love Rachel Bilson - but hey, I'm an OC junkie :p)
  14. i still prefer the blonde hair...
  15. Barton is definately classy she looks great here..