Mischa Barton leaving the Ivy Restaurant in Beverly Hills, 11.2.08

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  3. trying to enjoy the last of her OC money. LOL kidding

    those glasses are hot and handbag
  4. What does this girl do anymore? She disappeared from everything after the OC. I guess she is one of those celebs that thought tv was to small for them and they could do better elsewhere LOL!
  5. ^ i guess she's just bored. last week she was at the berlinale although she had nothing to promote there. :roflmfao:
  6. Micky D's is always hiring Mish. LMAO
  7. She looks good. I really like her dress.
  8. I like all the look! her bracelets are great, as her sandals!
    and the sunglasses are so great!
  9. She looks fabulous!
  10. i don't love her hair
  11. I love the Ivy. Now I want lobster ravioli. Mischa? She's a waste of time.
  12. Is she currently working on any projects?
  13. yea at least she looks healthy!!
  14. she looks great!!!!!!!!!! and happy!