Mischa Barton In the Hospital?

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  1. What is with this girl, she was such a promising actress when she did the OC.


    UPDATE: MSNBC is reporting that Mischa Barton was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold (also known as a 5150) by the Los Angeles Police Department and transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Wednesday evening. As we all remember, this is the same 5150 that Britney Spears was placed under on that fateful night back in January 2008! We'll keep you updated.

    Mischa Barton didn't have a very good Wednesday. Us Magazine reports that the 23-year-old former O.C. actress was removed from her home in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon by Los Angeles Police Department officers, after she put in a non-911 call to the LAPD.

    "We responded to her home last night on a medical issue," Officer April Harding tells the magazine. "We assisted with it. She was removed from her home."

    Asked if Barton had been cooperative with police, Harding replied, "I guess."
    Harding did not reveal where the actress was taken after being removed from her home.

    Accounts of the incident seem to differ. While Us quotes a source saying that Barton called the police after having a "freak out," Web site RPulse, which claims to have spoken with a Barton family representative, says that Mischa was taken to the hospital after suffering complications from oral surgery. (Barton recently had her wisdom teeth removed.)

    According to the site, Barton is recovering with her family and is being treated with antibiotics.
  2. yikes she should of stayed on the oc instead of thinking she was the **** and leaving! she lost her chances!
  3. ^Yeah talk about going downhill. Geez...is she a druggie? I never really hear anything about her.

    Its like poof she was just gone LOL!
  4. Two different stories. I want to believe the latter-- dental issue:shrugs: uhhh. You never know what people are going through. I hope she gets better, whatever the issue may be.
  5. Hope she gets better.
  6. Complications from a dental surgery to be placed on 5150? Sorry I don't think I buy it.
    I hope she's alright though.
  7. Hope she gets better, I love her and rachel bilson, but the O.C made them.
  8. Very sad. I hope she gets cleaned up.
  9. She seemed like such a mess since she left the oc
  10. yikes. Hollywood is harsh. one minute your a hot actress/actor and everyone wants to be around you, the next minute your a nobody.

  11. She was actually about to have a "comeback." She starred in an Ashton Kutcher pilot that has been picked up by the CW.
  12. Who knows what she was into. Wasn't she pulled over and caught with pot? I've also seen pics of her buying cases of beer. Who knows?
  13. she seems to always be on something
  14. Drugs, depression, anxiety?....Don't joke. This could happen to any one of us at some point.
  15. I hope she gets better..