Mischa Barton - Iceberg ads

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. She takes awesome pictures!:tup: Great ads! Thanks for posting.
  3. Those are great pictures. The third one is my favorite.
    I've never heard of Iceberg before.
  4. Great pics.
  5. great pics, I used to love this label years ago completely forgot about it.
  6. She is so gorgeous! I never heard of Iceberg before, what are they known for?
  7. ^^ I know they make perfumes... maybe they also have clothing line. not sure.. ;)

    anyway, gorgeous photos!! :heart: She's so sexy! :drool:
  8. She looks good in that dress !
  9. Oh great now I'd be ashamed to wear my Iceberg winter jacket - sorry can't stand her.
  10. She looks good !
  11. She looks nice.
  12. absolutely cannot stand the girl, but the pics did come out well:tup:
  13. Me no likey Misha