Mischa Barton having fun, and loves...

  1. At the after-party at the Chateau Marmont for Marie Antoinette screening.

    Mischa Barton said, "I'm having a great time, And I love Chanel." Good for you girl!! :drool:


    Pics from InStyle.com
  2. Orlando Bloom stopped by the after-party too and chatted with his Pirates of the Caribbean co-star Geoffrey Rush.

    I had to sneak in the pic of him. Makes me want to rip that hat off him and do naughty things!!

  3. LOL not a huge fan of mischa but orlando is sooooooooooooooooooo yummy. (esp. WITHOUT kate :biggrin:)
  4. hahahaha :lol:

  5. oh mischa, mischa, who doesn't? :nuts:
  6. ^^ so true.. who doesnt love chanel!!
  7. she must have got tons of free stuff before she said that! :roflmfao:
  8. Oh, she is so happy, to get al of this amazing stuff for free!:yahoo:
  9. She made a similar statement about wearing Dior.