Mischa Barton and the curse of white pants

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  1. [​IMG]

    It could happen to any one of us ladies, but it's just so easy to make fun of.
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    How embarrassing :shame: I have a pair of cream colored pants that I don't wear around that time of the month, for that very same reason!
  3. OMG!!!!!! That is sooooooooooo embarrasing! That's the reason you should never wear white pants
  4. wow. how unfortunate that one of the few ladies stick-thin enough to sport white pants had such a yucky (albeit common! ha) experience.
  5. I never wear light-colored pants during that time of the month. I wear black pants all the time.
  6. Oh my... I feel so bad for her to be caught photographed like that. :sad2:
  7. hey, it could be tomato sauce. Or not. Either way, no big deal.
    I thought I saw everything when photos were published of Fergie peeing her pants during a concert. But then you really think, in the grand scheme of things, so what?
  8. Wow, that blows! I feel weird about telling people that they are leaking...but it sucks having them walk around like that :lol:
  9. UGH! I bought a pair of BCBG white linen pants this past summer. I went to McDonalds and asked for a Double Cheeseburger PLAIN so I wouldn't risk getting anything on them. As soon as I pulled the burger out, a huge drip of mustard fell on my pants! I was soooooooo PO'd. I made McDonalds buy me a new pair of pants. They didn't believe me when I told them they were $140.
  10. mcdonalds bought you a new pair of pants because you got them dirty??
  11. I didn't think they'd do that! Good thing they did or you'll be out of $140!
  12. Oh Mischa, the press will have a field day with this!!
  13. Poor thing......Just one of the many luxuries of being a woman. Why can't men have some of these issues????
  14. OMG and McDonalds angrred to pay you $140 for a new pair --- did they put up a fight or just agree to give you the $$ straight off??
  15. No, I asked for it PLAIN which means nothing but cheese and burger, and it was not plain. So they messed up, not me.