Mischa and Cisco

  1. [​IMG]
    Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler take it easy after grabbing a bite at Real Food Daily in West Hollywood on Tuesday.

    If I'm not mistaken I think Mischa's bag is an LV Denim
  2. ^ yep and she carries that bag non-stop!
  3. Is that her boyfriend? He looks a mess.
  4. ^^ITA ..he does look pretty fug
  5. Is this not Kimberly Steward's ex? What do these girls see in him?
  6. That is what I was gonna say, he must be a smooth talker or sumthin' to get these pretty gals. Havent they been dating for quite a while now...in Hollywood time, that is.
  7. I think they're perfect for each other, both are not on the pretty side! (i dont think shes pretty at all)
  8. ^ITA!
    I think they're both homely! LOL!
  9. :roflmfao: homely, perfect word!
  10. Ummm acutally I dont get what she sees in that guy? Must be the.........
  11. [​IMG]ladies and gents(if we happen to have gents here-minus Vlad), here she is with her LV denim bag AGAIN
  12. :yes: agreed.
  13. No more Chanels?
  14. i agree! i know some people think she's beautiful, but i just don't see it at all.
  15. i guess shes an ok actress, i hated her character on the OC.

    i agree, although she is ok, she is definitely all that pretty as many people make her to be. although it does add a more 'normal' sense to her, knowing that celebs arent perfect and are people too.