Miscellaneous pictures from catalogs, lookbooks, magazines, etc.

  1. Miscellaneous pictures from catalogs, lookbooks, magazines, etc.
    Please remember to credit your source. =)
  2. (source: sina.com Lifestyle 2006-6-14)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. What is that yellow handbag with the chain handle, fourth picture (second row, on the right)? It is what I have been looking for forever!
  4. LeeLee, that's POUCHETTE in Lime from Spring 2006. =)

    Line Name: URSULA
    Style Name: POUCHETTE
    Style Number: C361071
    Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.5 x 5.5"
    Price: $675USD
    Colors: Black, Chalk, Fog, Lime, Blush, Navy, Red
    * this line is made of patent/goat leather
  5. Another fun thread Helena!:yes:

    Here are two catalog pics I found on flickr.com


  6. Thanks a million!
  7. (source: DFS Galleria)
  8. (source: singtao October 5th, 2006)
  9. Not having a Marc Jacobs boutique in our area, it was nice to see this picture. Shopping paradise!
  10. I love meg white and the white stripes. she definitely seems like mj type of gal. I've never seen these ads... awesome.
  11. (source: sina.com Lifestyle 2006-9-30)
  12. (source: sina.com Lifestyle 2007-2-05)
  13. (source: phoenix.tv.com)
    Spring 2007's GEMS Robert in Gold ($8800USD)
  14. (source: hkheadline)
    Fall 2006's TIE Blondie ($1850USD)
  15. (source: look-inc.jp)
    Dakota Fanning
    [​IMG]Spring 2007's PATCHWORK PYTHON Stam in Green ($4000USD)