Misc accessories and clothing subforum?

  1. I don't know if anyone else feels this way but here goes. I was wondering if that would be possible because there are some great threads in the General discussions about accessories and sometimes cosmetics but I always have a terrible time finding them because they're a bazillion pages down when they're done and I don't always search with the right terms.

    So perhaps we could have ONE subforum for all the non-bag shopping stuff? Clothes, shoes, cosmetics... ?

    Vlad, Megs, do you think that would be possible?
  2. It is possible and it is coming in the next few days!
  3. You're the best, Vlad :love: Thank you!!
  4. That's very cool. You are the best, Vlad.
  5. And shoes maybe? :shame:

    [edit] JK! Perja already said that, lol.
  6. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Now I'll be more than addict to this forum (if that's possible!!) :biggrin:
  7. Oh my! This forum already takes up so much of my spare time!

    But *squeal* !!! Looking forward to the new additions! Thanks!

    OT: But would you also consider perhaps in the future to make a sub-thread for the marketplace for anything other than purses? Just a thought, thanks so much for the forum!!! ^_^
  8. Lol, so true Lyn. Bye bye coffee breaks at work for me :biggrin:
  9. Excellent idea - well asked, Perja! :smile:
  10. So cool! Looking forward to the new subforum:smile:
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