Misbehavin' bangs

  1. I just got a haircut and decided to get bangs for a quick but not-too-drastic change. It's been a while since I had bangs last, and as much as I like the way it looks, it's driving me nuts.

    My natural part seems to be overpowering the bangs and every time I look in the mirror, they're always parted weirdly (it's supposed to be straight across) and I have to fix my hair. I've used some wax to get it to stay, but it doensn't stay put. Now, I'm all self-conscious about how my bangs are behaving and it is making me crazy. Any suggestions to tame them? Any portable products I can carry around with me for a quick fix?
  2. Maybe your could blow try them but if you find that too troublesome perhaps you would like to consider professionally straightening them. I know I would do that because the left of my bangs (when I had them) curled more than the right. I would have gently rebonded them but was to cheap to do so.
  3. as soon as I finish washing my hair, I part it the way I want it to part and then either let it air dry, or blow dry.

    It should stay until the next time you wash it!