Misaligned Canvas on Flap

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  1. Hi guys!

    I have finally bit the bullet today and got myself a LV Pochette Felicie in the vernis amarante. This is my first LV purchase. When I came home and I inspected it more closely, I noticed that the flap monogram was quite misaligned with the rest of the bag. I'm thinking of taking it back to the shop to see if they can exchange it for the same model hoping to get an aligned flap this time. I had to wait for 15 days until this bag came and I'm afraid if I take it back it will take as long to get it. I have an event soon and was hoping to wear it then. What would you do? Do you know LV policy on this? Would I be allowed to keep the bag I currently have while I wait for a replacement? Sorry if these questions are stupid, I'm so lost here!

    Thanks for the help!
  2. What does yours look like?
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  3. 0B45A86C-0061-4B85-9982-C20536840CE3.jpeg 24ADF469-1DE7-4B10-ADB0-830918E75C98.jpeg
    Thanks for that quick reply! These are some pics:
  4. Sweetheart I don’t think that’s misaligned. I’m looking at all of the prints. They seem to be made that way.
  5. 73164C7D-4E5E-4634-92DD-29C03BC2FDF2.png
  6. Honestly, I don't see an issue here.
  7. The alignment will differ with more things you put in your bag.

    Just enjoy your beautiful bag! It’s gorgeous! :heart:
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  8. Maybe I was just being paranoid as it is my very first LV bag. Thanks for the help! :heart:
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  9. And what a beautiful first purchase. :heart::smile:

    You will be going in style to your upcoming event. :drinks:
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  10. I too agree that the bag isn’t misaligned.

    Enjoy! Great buy!
  11. The bag is impeccable. Enjoy it. This is by far the most gorgeous Vernis colour out there.
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  12. Thanks so much guys! I was definitely overthinking it! :smile:
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  13. I think it's fine. I love it! Enjoy!
  14. It looks perfect. Congrats on your first LV. Enjoy.
  15. By the way, it's not canvas (as the title says). It's leather, of course.
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