Misa Hylton-Brim with Hermes.....

  1. I found a pic of Diddy's oldest mother, celeb fashion stylist Misa with what seems to be a Birkin...can anyone verify if its the real deal. TIA
  2. Do you have the pic in a larger size?
  3. My first answer would be "yes"; why would it not be :shrugs:
  4. ^ i agree. it looks like one.
    "diddy's oldest mother?" that one has me stumped.
  6. i think she means Diddy's (stupidest name in history) oldest child's mother
  7. ^^^oh oh oh, gotcha. that makes perfect sense. now i feel like a boob, not figuring that out.
    whoever she is, beautiful face!
  8. Anywho...Thanks for clarifying...like Hermesaholic stated I meant his oldest child mother (he has 2 or 3 boys)
  9. I didn't know who Diddy was, I just googled him though. Sometimes I feel like I am 100 years old. I think I should start watching more E and MTV so I know what people are talking about.
  10. DG, consider yourself lucky. I WISH I didn't know who Diddy was....
  11. Why would you think it isn't real:confused1:
  12. That looks like Lil' Kim actually and I know I've seen her with a Birkin...
  13. It's not Lil Kim, it's Misa
  14. you don't need me to say so, but you're right!:yes: :yes:
  15. I think he and Misa were married at some point. She is the mother of this oldest child. She is a celebrity sylist, and she gets huge child support from him (according to internet and tabloids).