mirrored natasha???

  1. I have a chance to get a new and authentic kooba mirrored natasha (the shiny silver) for $250... should I do it? does anyone have this bag? is it too huge and flashy? thanks so much girls!!!
  2. I think it is a large bag, but I like the shape. However, it depends on how much you'll use it. Is it something you'll get use from? Or do you like it b/c it is a good price- sorry, I've been on a big "curbing consumerism" kick. If you are on the fence, maybe think about how much you'll use and would you buy it if it was not that price? Personally, b/c you asked, I find the mirrored styles too flashy. But, that is just me.
  3. Not a fan of the Mirror at all...the bag looks nice in the Patent Gunmetal color...but even then - I ended up returning this bag. "just someting about it..."
  4. i think it is too flashy... and i've made a new rule, regardless of the price i have to answer yes to all three questions:
    1. do i LOVE it
    2. will i use it in a year
    3. can i not live without it
    It failed all three :tdown: thank you for your input!!
  5. Good choice, lola! Don't get me wrong, I adore Kooba's metallics, but I just can't warm up to that mirror line! :confused1:
  6. Well, I saw one a few months back at Saks, and I put it over my shoulder, and all I could think of was that I was carrying a wad of crinkled tin foil. That bag is much prettier in black.....even the black patent leather was pretty. I think a person would tire of it in that mirror finish really quickly.