Mirrored/High Shine Silver Metallic Bag?

  1. Does anyone have any idea where I can find a mirrored silver metallic bag that zips?! I need one so bad! I know LV had some awhile back but I can't find them anywhere. And I know D&B have some but they have a magnetic closure and I live in a big city. Right now I'm carrying a cute (but cheap) one from target because it's the only one I've found that zips and I'd like a better quality bag. Any ideas ladies?!
  2. That's going to be tough! I haven't seen many while browsing online.

    Would this one be too bisy?
  3. Rebecca Minkoff has a KILLER metallic gold and a metallic silver Morning After Bag!!
  4. ^Ha, I just came in to post the same thing. Here's a pic:

  5. Wow! :nuts: Forget the one I posted! That bag is yummy. :tup:
  6. looking at all the ideas so far...thanks ladies!

    The Rebecca Minkoff bag does look stunning. Where might I find it? I checked her website and a few others but no luck.
  7. There is a gold Rebecaa Minkoff MAB on eBay right now, but I haven't seen the silver one yet. I know they were being sold at her recent sample sale. Maybe they might be able to locate one through their official website?