Mirrored Gold BB or Baby Honey Spy

  1. So I am trying to decide whether to use my store credit for the Mirrored Gold BB or the Baby Honey Spy.

    In the fall, they will also have a dark grey patent Medium B Bag...but I'm not sure if I would even want Medium B Bag now...it's so trendy it might not have any longevity.

    I heard from the SA they might not make any more of the BB in other colors for fall. :sad: I was hoping they would so I can get one then...

    Anyways, what do you guys think?

    (I borrowed a pic from TPF's baby spy thread).
    Fendi BBag Mirror Gold.jpg BabySpycharm1.jpg
  2. Hands down the baby honey spy :tup:! I want one.....:graucho:
  3. If you are looking for less trendy, then I would say def honey baby spy, too. I bet that gold B bag will go on sale at some point, too.
  4. Problem with the baby spy is that you can't carry it on your shoulder. I'm more a shoulder bag person. Sigh.
  5. baby spy :smile:
  6. K - I used to be a dyed-in-the-wool shoulder bag lady also, but after you have a few really nice quality, well balanced handbags, its weird....I went over to the Dark Side:nuts:!

    Give it a shot! :wlae::wlae::wlae:

    The baby spy is quit a bit more roomy than the gold B Bag also...not sure about how much you carry...
  7. Haha! That's what my friend said...that you get used to it! But what happens when you buy loads of stuff shopping and have no arm room for your little baby spy?? What then? :confused1:

    But yeah, I see myself using the baby spy much more than the gold number.
  8. Actually, does anyone have a baby blueberry spy? What do you think...do you like that more or a honey baby spy? I haven't seen the blueberry color IRL yet! :sad:
  9. Kosin -- it is simple. The baby spy slides down the arm into the crook of your arm/elbow, pile your arms full of babies & stuff, while holding them, you take your other arm and grab the long strap zipper pull on the spy...WHAH LAH, you have opened the purse, still have a free hand to pull out that Fendi wallet, keys or what have you...close the purse with a tug of zip pull. --:okay:
    I'm a pro at this, it is my current everyday bag.:wlae:

    On the blueberry, Lit has one to drool over, check out the Petrol Vs blueberry Rumble thread for comments. ;)

  10. baby spy
  11. Yeah, personally I'd still go with the blueberry baby spy rather than the honey, but both are lovely. It's completely a personal preference thing.

    Though, I will say, blueberry probably won't be easily available for much longer, while honey should be available for many seasons to come.
  12. Haha..wow, sounds like you can really have a baby spy in one arm while hoisting an actual baby in the other! I'm sold!!! Baglady, you're awesome...it's good to know there are shoulder bag converts! It gives me hope...

    Honestly, I love the honey spy and I'm not sure the blueberry will go with my outfits b/c I have so many navy, purple & black clothes to begin with.

    Do you guys know if they will source a baby blueberry just for you to look at? Even if you are not sure you want it??
  13. It can't hurt to ask--I think most places will do this as long as the merch is still full price/over a certain price.