Mirror ;)

  1. Random Question:
    What do you girls keep in the pocket behind the mirror?

    I keep my boyfriends business cards back there...he is a real estate agent.
  2. i keep it in outside pocket with my OWN business cards in it!:supacool:
  3. I would too if mine weren't so blah (Admin. Asst.) BORING! :smile:
  4. I keep my work ID card...
  5. Humm...SMART! I might have to copy you :smile:
  6. wow, i've never even noticed that pocket. totally just thought of it as decoration. thanks for all the idears!
  7. Oh geez, I never even remember there's a mirror hidden in the depths of those bags:lol:
  8. I know...I can't say I've used it once.
  9. Yeah - I've taken out the mirror on mine and just put it in storage with the extra tassels. I keep my pager, keys and work ID tags in the outside pocket so I have quick access to them.
  10. I put the bag's cards in it and put it in a storage box with all the others...
  11. I also keep the mirror in storage. I keep my cell phone and keys in the outside pocket for easy access -- its one of the many things I love about bbags.
  12. I wish the City bag inside pocket was bigger ... if it was, I would put the mirror in there!!! I really think that is one thing they should redesign in the City bag ... that inside pocket is waaaay too small!!!
  13. i never took my mirror with me. it stays in the dustbag & the extra tassels :P
  14. i haven't put anything in the pocket behind the mirror but putting my business cards there is a great idea!
  15. thanks! I never noticed it was a usable pocket.. is it a sign I should trim down my collection? I think you treasure a bag more when it does not ahve to compete fo your afFection!