1. alright this is going to sound really lame...but I just got my bbag a truggle twiggy :love::love: and im not sure where to attach the mirror...can anyone help me?? also, I noticed that the leather (this is an 06 bag) seems thin...are these bags durable, because I was hoping to use it and keep it for many years to come...
  2. It is really a matter of preference for you. I suppose the "standard way" is the looping through the bale on the front left handle where it attaches to the bag. Some people tuck them away in the pocket, let er hang, or leave them loose and carry them with all their bags. :yes:
    Some of the 06 leather could be thin but it is varied. It may just need a good conditioning. Check the care threads and also the reference library for pics and ideas.
  3. I take out the mirror and keep it in the dustbag.

    Some bags have thin leather, but no worries, they are still durable.
  4. Yup my mirrors live in an envelope with the spare tassels and tags ;). But you can attach them where you want. I think a lot of people attach them to the oval metal hardware that attached the handles to the bag body.