Mirror with Twiggy?

  1. Is the Twiggy supposed to come with a mirror?

  2. Yes.

    Most of the bags do, right? I have mirrors for my Firsts, Twiggy, Oval Clutch and Day.

    Does anyone know if some bags don't come with mirrors?
  3. I bought a 07 twiggy and it has a mirror.
  4. ^^ Thanks. I think that Needless Markups must have sent a returned bag then:cursing:

    No cards, no mirror:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  5. Definitely call them ... if you ever decide to sell, you're going to want those. NM needs to know that if they don't get them back on a returned bag, it decreases the value. So either they get you the mirror and cards, or they should give you a big discount in line with the discount you'd have to give a buyer in the future. Maybe $200?

    They might laugh at you and suggest you just return the bag, but there's no harm in trying if you want to keep it!
  6. yes, of course....
  7. Thanks. I just spoke to the SA who got the bag for me & she is calling the originating store.

    Hopefully they are there. Otherwise I am not sure that I want to keep this bag.

    It is gorgeous and looks and smells new, but if I am buying high end goods from a "high end" retailer, I expect them to be perfect and complete:yes:
  8. Twiggy went back.

    No mirror, no cards and the extra tassels had been opened.

    I still really, really want a black Twiggy.

    But an $1100 bag should not be missing pieces:wtf:
  9. I just saw a gorgeous (almost got it) black twiggy at Nordy's in Sacto, CA..
    916-646-2400, ask for Sarah Hinkle..
  10. that's too bad about ur twiggy w/missing items...hope u find an even nicer one soon enough!
  11. As far as I'm aware, the only bags that dont come with Mirrors are the Mens Weekender?
  12. Did you order your bag from Neiman Marcus Tysons? Because I had a bag transferred and after I purchased it I saw the spare tassels was for the Marine (along with the 2007 card) and I bought the Blueberry...but I got the 2006 card with it too...and the bag was in NOT brand new condition...but I liked it anyway...but still
  13. The Men's Weekender doesn't come with a mirror.