Mirror Speedy

  1. Does anyone have an photos of the new mirror speedys coming out in December!?! I have my name on the list for one and I haven't even seen what they look like. LOL

    MY SA says I will LOVE it though?!?! The lists are pretty full already tho- he says it might be tough still to get one! AGH! That makes me want it more!:wtf:
  2. :flowers:
  3. There are several threads on this line already. If you do a search, I am sure many will pop up. Here is a pic:
  4. Glamourette: Thanks for the pics. This collection looks lovely.
  5. Oh Sorry! There are just so many it's hard to keep up with!

  6. No biggie.:smile: I hope you didn't take it the wrong way!:flowers:
  7. If you search the forum you'll find many posts about these gorgeous bags.
    maybe we should have some sort of post for people who didn't get on the list soon enough where anybody who is on the list & decides to pass can let others know which store the bag is in.
  8. [​IMG]

    More of a size comparison for you...

  9. Oh no. I am super easy! Well, not easy like that! :shame: LOL
  10. here are a few to start you off :smile: Enjoy!

    SEARCH results

  11. Yes, that would be sweet!:yahoo: I HAVE to get one! LOL It's wild and suit my personality big time!

  12. Ohh Thanks!

    I really appreciate all of the pictures y'all are posting! THANKS! I LOVE IT Drools:drool:
  13. Wow, cute but a little too...much. I can imagine people saying it looks like a mylar balloon. Cute, but screams out a little too "LOOK AT THIS BAG!!!"
    Who knows though, could catch on and have a lot of imitators : )
  14. I don't normally go for that kind of thing, but those are AWESOME!
  15. What colour are you on the list for, gold or silver or both!:graucho:
    The Speedy is a little too big for me but I would love to get a Papillon in the Gold.:nuts: