Mirror Speedy

  1. I was at my local boutique and the store manager let me look thru the Look Book of the upcoming styles. I put my name in for the Mirror Speedy and the Pouchette, both in silver. He thinks it wont be in until December. The production run is only 5,000 so they will be limited. I am SOOOO excited! I cant wait! :smile:
    So many new styles its unbelievable. New epi color and styles. Alot of the Runway looks. A leapord and mono combo print. A new mini monogram. My head was swimming! He also showed me a solid gold clutch for $210,000!!!

    Cool stuff on the horizon ladies! Start saving your pennies!

  2. Thanks Selena!

    Did he say what kind of material they are going to use? I was told its gonna be like the monogram canvas.. but i dunno it looks to shiny.
  3. ooooh selena do you ahve any idea of prices? :P
  4. ohhh! new epi colours!?!?! *drools* A new mini monogram!!! ohhhh....

    Do you have any clue about the new epi colours?
  5. The manager told me calfskin. I am thinking it might be a patent leather then?? Not sure!? The price was USD $1150

  6. It was a like a Chestnut brown color.

  7. I heard new mini mono will come with black and brown mono, blue with pink mon or something like that. The material will be like material for trapeze.
  8. The only prices I got were the prices of pieces I was interested in:

    Speedy was $1150 and he said he thinks it was going to be an original size. either between a 25 and a 30 between a 30 and a 35.

    Papillion $1050

    Pouchette $490.

    The pouchette was cute. It wasnt a monogram pattern but it looked like smooth shiny silver with a large Louis Vuitton ad kind of thing centered in the middle. Kinda like that Canvas one with the ad thing on it? Does that make any sense at all??

    Sorry I cant be more helpful...my mind was spinning! LOL
  9. Only the black and brown was listed and it did look like the trapeze!
  10. Gosh...can't wait !!! I need to save up !!!

  11. Oh! Thanks!
  12. Thanks for all the info!!:biggrin:

    I'm desperate to see a picture of the silver/gold pochette!! Can you remember if it has the strap, like the regular mc/mono pochette?

    Many thanks!

  13. I Want The Silver Papillion...
  14. I have my name down for the gold pap..might had to add a pochette to that list too:P
  15. i dont understand. its a full silver speedy?