Mirror speedy or papillon?

  1. I don't know which mirror bag I'd like to get. Its either the silver speedy or the papillon in silver.

    The size of the speedy is 34 and the papillon is 26. I know it won't be avaiable til Dec but I'd love to have my mind set on it...I just can't wait!

    Any suggestions will help. Thanks!
  2. After seeing the pics of the line, I would go with a smaller piece, like pap 26!:idea: I think anything bigger than that would be just ... too flashy?:shrugs: I am on a list for a speedy, but will have to see it in person before I make up my mind.
  3. Get the Silver Speedy!! I'm planning on getting that one. I think it would look so cuter than the Papillon. That's my opinion anyway.
  4. Yup..I'm getting the Silver Speedy along with both pochettes.
    I thought I'd hate the larger sized Speedy, but after I got the Damier 30, I realized it's not as bad as I thought. I just need to get a few more things to put in there lol.
    And I wouldn't get another barrel shaped bag..I already have the Bedford and that's not really my favorite shape.
  5. Does anyone think the speedy is too large? Pap too small?
  6. I wish I could see what the Speedy would actually look like IRL, but I have no LV stores anywhere near me. I'm getting used of my Speedy 30 right now, so I really don't think the 34 would be much of a difference.
  7. I'd PREFER the Speedy to be a 25 or 30 but I don't think the 34 will be that bad.
    The only one I have trouble with in terms of sizing is the Alma Voyage. That should have been a regular sized Alma, IMO.
  8. ITA!:yes:
  9. SPEEDY!!! I love speedy's =)
  10. I love Speedies too!!! I own 4.
  11. i'm having the same dilemma too :rochard:!

    unfortunately, i can't go any bigger than the Speedy 25, so i'm considering the silver Papillon 26.

    if they made the Speedy in the 25 i'd get it for sure :yes:
  12. Speedy!
  13. Omg...I agree with you babydoll, but I'm only 5'2, so I hope it won't look weird on me. I do however love big bags!

    I can't get enough of speedies and missypoo, I have 4 speedies as well!!! One 25 and three 30's.

    As far as the pap, I have one 30.

    Yeux, I can see you with the papillon 26 for sure! Which color are you getting?
  14. I have the Damier Speedy 25, Mono Speedy 25 and 30, and the red Epi Speedy 25. Can't go wrong with the Speedies, right? LOL!!
  15. Lol I'm only 5'2 also. I thought the Damier 30 would look weird on me but I realized it's actually cute, even being bigger than I'm used to :smile:
    And as for Speedies..haha..I have the black MC, white MC, my mom's vintage monogram 30, my Damier 30 and the Cerises. And the Miroir one will make 6 :lol: