mirror sold on let trade for $2199 only already.

  1. :hysteric: so who was the lucky girl who got the speedy. they got a good deal. they are going for 5k for some on eBay.:yes:
  2. Good Deal!
  3. :graucho: what a lucky butt! i wish it was me!
  4. i know i want a gold one so bad but i can' t see paying all that money.
  5. Oh taht is really not that much! lol! If I had the money, I would have bought it! lol!
  6. It's been on let-trade's web site for a little while now anyways, it's about time it got sold.
  7. I thought it was me...I paid for it and everything...then they emailed me and said I didn't get it because someone paid before I did!!! :crybaby: Anybody see a silver Speedy at any of the stores??? Anywhere at all???
  8. A lot of LE stuff that they have has been shelf-sitting, which I find surprising. Their silver pap is only $1,699.99, and no one has picked it up yet! Same with the Cerises speedy, which is in pretty good shape...