mirror Pappion??

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  1. Please help!!!

    Which pappion should I buy the gold or sliver? Both are being held at the store and I need to have it sent to me within the hour. I just cant decide which color to go with. Any Suggestions????
  2. Lisa- LOL you decided on it? I say go with the gold!!! Or get both sent to you and you can decide. I think I am getting an azur piece now.

    Did they have any other mirroir pieces available.
  3. Which color jewelry do you wear most often? If you wear both yellow and white gold, I think your skin tone may determine the best color. If you're darker skin tone, or you like to tan in the summer, then go gold. If you're more fair skin tone, go silver. I wish I had that decision to make!
  4. I would go with the metal that you wear the most of. I haven't seen any in person, but they are both beautiful in pics.
  5. silver!
  6. Silver!
  7. Exactly what everyone else said...which one will match you more?!
  8. ^ditto!!
  9. did u decide?? lol
  10. GOLD! I think the Papillon looks better in gold than silver, even though I wear sliver jewelry and my wedding ring is platinum.
  11. I vote for gold.
  12. Gold!
  13. Gold. I like it a lot better than the silver, and I'm normally a silver person.
  14. silver
  15. If you do not get the Gold would you let me know? I would love to get it! The silver speedy is on its way...but I think the pap would be a great evening bag! LMK!