mirror owners

  1. I was just wondering what everyone this of thier mirror bag. Do you all still LOVE it! Does anyone regret their purchase? just wanted some honest feedback of those who have used theirs and owns one. thanks:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. i love my silver pap...and i can't wait until my gold pap gets here!!!
  3. i love my miroir pochette! ive used it a lot. and its my FAVORITE!
  4. Not a practical piece, but I love my Miroir pochette to pieces! No regrets at all!
  5. I love ALL my Miroir bags.
  6. I LOVE mine. The only regret is that I only purchased the gold pap and silver speedy. I wish I had gotten all the ones I was offered!
  7. Not practical as Karman said BUT I am getting great use out of my pap. ITS GORGEOUS!
  8. you crazy girl! :love:
  9. i love mines ( pap + speedy) as i carry them more and more ...
  10. LOL Yes that's a true statement. :yes:
  11. I love them!! I've gotten SO many more compliments on these bags than ANY of my other ones. It's amazing..and when I went in the store the other day to get my Bubble ring, there were at least 2 ladies asking their SA what bag it was and how they could get ahold of one. Plus, all the SAs, even the manager are so excited when I come in and let them "visit" (my SA's words lol) my Miroir Speedy and Pochette. It's really funny.
    I've been switching off between the two ever since I got them..I'm still completely in love lol.
  12. I got my gold pochette this morning and I am in LOVE!! No regrets!!!
  13. I love it, when I carry it I get lot's of compliments, everyone looks at it, and it's so different.

    I have not seen anyone else with one yet, and believe me, I'm looking!
  14. I love my gold speedy. I'm really glad I bought it. I know that if I didn't, I'd be kicking myself and paying way over retail later on.
  15. On that note, the ONLY ones I've seen were the other day when I had my silver Speedy..one girl was in a sunglasses store and had the gold Papillon and the other was in Bloomies and had the gold Speedy :yes: