Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which bag is the fairest of them all?

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which bag is the fairest of them all?

  1. Bottega, O Bee, is by far the fairest to see.

  2. O Bee, Loro Piana is the fairest bag of all.

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  1. Finally, in my quest of a perfect 'stealth' bag, I have come to the final frontier: 2 bags, 1 choice.

    Which one do you think? The Loro Piana Globe or the Bottega Veneta?

    OK I am going away soon but I am very impatient and I need to know now so I can go on holiday in peace! :p

    Thanks in advance for being my magic mirror! :greengrin:


    Pics courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman
  2. I like the BV better :yes:
  3. Bee, you have exquisite taste! :yes:

    #1 does stand out, but the BV is just lovely and perfect for a spring holiday.

    Let us know what you decide!
  4. I love the Lora Piana - they have caught my eye so many times and then the price caught my eye and made it water!
  5. LOVE the BV! :heart:
  6. The BV - it is lovely
  7. The BV cause it's so classic.
  8. Love the shape of Loro Piana but love the leather of BV, so I'm not of a great help
  9. BV :yes:
  10. love the Loro Piana
  11. Bee, you do have good taste!

    The Loro Piana Globe bag is beautiful and has been around a long time. But strangely, it is largely overlooked here on tPF. I rarely see it mentioned.

    On the other hand, Bottega Veneta has become quite popular on tPF lately, including with our creator, Megs. She recently created a BV subforum, as you've probably noticed.

    Both are great choices and both are classics in my view. For travel purposes, I might lean a bit toward the Globe bag, because it looks slightly easier to get in and out of, and to carry over the shoulder, and it looks a bit sturdier. (And my #1 BV choice is always going to be the classic Veneta hobo. :love: )

    Good luck, and happy travels!
  12. BV gets my vote--that's a wonderful bag. The first one is nice, but the BV is really special.
  13. The L.Piana is in my opinion more chic, while the BV is more classic - I do prefer the leather but am not a fan of that particular shape.
  14. My vote is for the BV bag! Very classic IMO.
  15. L.P. for sure.