Mirror Mint tins (cute )

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  1. [​IMG]

    We searched the world for the best (and girliest) mint container...and we found it!
    These calorie-free, tasty mints are made with Splenda, but the best part is the mirror inside!

    Now you can freshen your breath and check to make sure your lips are totally kissable, too!

  2. Cute idea!
  3. That is soooo adorable! Very tempting
  4. Cute idea...but for $3.00 I can buy two packages of my favorite mints (altoids, listerine pocket strips, and the mints by ice breakers...both). Then I could always use a smaller mirror if I wanted to check something.:amuse:
  5. I hate to be the cynic, but it just looks like someplace to store and cut up cocaine, which is maybe not very classy. But that could just be my impression of it. Plus, between the back of my iPod, the cover for my PDA, my eye shadow compact and my powder compact, I've got more mirrors on hand than I know what to do with.