Mirror lockits not that scarce? Did anyone not get one, who want one?

  1. So, I was pleasently surprised that the eBay prices don't seem as outrageous on the lock its as the speedys and paps were...

    What is your take....Are there more? Or are they less popular?

    I thought so many here got them, because we knew so far in advance....did anyone not get one who really wanted one?

    Just curious....what do you think?
  2. I dont recall the prices of the speedy and paps on eBay after release but I think the lockit prices arent as outrageous right now because eBay is saturated with them.

    i wasnt able to get a gold lockit from the store i waitlisted at but with enough persistance, I found one somewhere else
  3. I am not sure if any have even been released here yet.:mad:.
    I was going to go on the list but didn't as the SA was talking to me like I was an idiot, explaining slowly how the miroir papillon and speedy are gone already as they were very limited.:rolleyes: They know absolutely nothing here and I could not be bothered arguing with her at the time.:cursing:
  4. I was waitlisted but didnt get one... our country only had 4 Lockits-- 4 lockits for the whole country... argh! singapore had only 12 Lockits i believe, and most were pre-paid already. So when i asked a friend to get one fore me, it wasn't available anymore.
  5. The speedys were going for around 2800 - 3000!!! And there were a ton of them...maybe it helped that it was Christmas time.
  6. Well this interesting...only 2 lock-its have sold on ebay at all...:wtf:. Maybe the general public doesn't even know they are out there???:confused1:
  7. Don't know why the Lockit doesn't seem to be as popular as the Speedy as it is a gorgeous bag. I love mine. My SIL got one she doesn't like it at all. She asked me to sell it on ebay for her but I have told her to wait as the prices are very bad. She doesn't want to return to store as has taken back quite a lot lately, she wants then she doesn't want LOL one of those can't make up her mind people. Fortunately she doesn't have a daughter like mine who would absolutely kill me if I parted with mine LOL. I have used it once, she has used it 4 times already LOL
  8. I think because it's not advertised.

    First time that I knew about Miroir Speedy because I found it in Bazaar, then I called eLux which the rep said she knew nothing at that time.

    Then I found out later (which almost late) from tPF that the metallic Speedy was called "Miroir", so I tried to WL thru 866, however they denied to put me on WL (and said the WL was closed).


    For this Lockit, I did WL according to some people (Mich, Matt, John, Rebecca) said there will be a new Miroir. I think if I don't know from tPF, I may not know about it at all (I mean even now)!!.
  9. I think that lots of people didn't know about it! however, there are still some big stores that haven't even received their full stock in yet! So maybe it'll get crazier. Or maybe people are sick of Miroir already? Upset that it was re-released? Who knows
  10. I will get mine, but apparently priority is given to people who didn't get it the first time. Although mind you, I got the miroir speedies in both colours the last time too.
  11. I like them but didn't get one only because I already have the Speedies. I figured I should wait to get something I don't already have. :yes:
  12. I noticed that too only 1 sold, before the purse forum I never heard of any miroir lockit . The speedy shape and pap are more popular, I would prefer the miroir speedy if I had the choice to choose.
  13. I was waitlisted for both but decided it wasn't for me. The silver's gorgeous but I didn't feel like I was rockin' that bag like it should be. But it does seem as if every TPFer has gotten one. I do wish I did get the speedy when it came around though. That was my biggest regret in the mirior line.
  14. Hmmm.. I think because someone started it in a lower price? But yeah, it's not that popular as the speedies' and the paps... I think?
  15. I have no idea, haha Im not help but I just wanted to comment in here.

    Im SO retarded!