Mirror Lockit or Neo Cabby? Help me pick!


Silver Mirror Lockit or Black Neo Cabby

  1. Silver Mirror Lockit

  2. Black Neo Cabby

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  1. Which one would you get? I know I shouldn't be getting anymore bags..., but my SA just called and said she can get me one of the two. WHICH ONE should I get??? :confused1:
  2. Black Neo Cabby. Good luck!
  3. Black Neo Cabby, more versatile, more staying power. But if you can get both, go for it!
  4. Thanks! I think so too, but just don't know for sure. Are you doing okay with the ban. I am having a tough time here. Every week or so, there is a new bag to get. I keep telling myself this is my last bag of the year. It is not working. :crybaby:
  5. hi i vote for mirror. i see that u have a neo denim in your signature so personally i prefer varieties :smile:.
  6. If you can get the Miroir right now, get that, then get the Cabby later. :yes:
  7. Black Neo Cabby gets my vote.
  8. Both look great... but get the Miroir Lockit first.
  9. Black neo cabby...I think it's more useable!! JMO, guess it depends on your style.
  10. i'd get miroir lockit first. the black neo cabby is in limited quantities now, but there will be more in in the coming months.
  11. I vote for Neo Cabby:heart:
  12. I say get the miroir now and the cabby l8r
  13. Miroir now since it is a LE and you can always decide on getting the Neo Cabby later, although I just LOVE my Black Neo Cabby. :smile:
  14. Neo Cabby has my vote.
  15. LOL!!! My ban started after I recently purchased a new to me Cabas Mezzo that's on its way to me.... very hard because I think I want the new Palermo PM that is available supposedly in October!!!! We'll see if my ban lasts through the remainder of the year or if I cave in and buy another Mono bag!!!

    Hope you get your new purse soon!!! I just saw the black Neo Cabby again today and I think it's a great bag. Not usually a fan of "cloth" bags, but the black color of the Neo Cabby MM is great and I love the textured black leather strap/handles. I don't think you can go wrong with the Neo Cabby - it seems to be more available than a Silver Lockit.... maybe you should get BOTH!!! (Sorry, I'm being bad!!!) Just go with your instincts and get the bag that you think you'll really use the most!!! (Neo Cabby!!!!)