Mirror Line?

  1. is this the new line that LV will come out with? or did I just misread that... if so, does anybody have pics of this line? thanks
  2. Yes, it is a new line form LV. Here are some pics:
    00060m.jpg 00300m.jpg 00330m.jpg
  3. It's coming out in Novemeber. I put myself on the waitlist for the silver speedy. They come in gold too. It comes in a few styles, but I liked it in the speedy and the alma the best (alma is slightly bigger than normal). The gold is pretty, but very showy. The silver is beautiful in pics :heart: The estimated price in their book for the speedy was $1,100, but my sa said that it will increase....and she said that it is going to be the same material as the ambre bags from a awhile back (they won't be see-through though)
  4. Yup, the mirror line is gorgeous. I can't wait for it to come out in November, hopefully the news about it's release date being pushed back until December is untrue.
  5. I have heard about it being pushed back to December too :cry: I hope it's not true...I want to see it in person!
  6. I like this line a lot so far, can't wait to see it!
  7. i :love::love::love::love::love: this line!
  8. I talked to my SA about the line and asked her to hold 4 of them for me. I can't wait until it launches!
  9. This line is beautiful!
  10. omg, michelle

    you hafta get all four!! cant wait till you do :graucho:
  11. I'm getting the Speedy in both colors, the Papillon in gold and the Pochette in silver. But, I am a little unsure about the Pochette; it's really cute but, I may substitute it for another Papillon. I want to see it IRL first before I make a decision. It's going to be as thin as the Epi Pochette so, I won't be able to really use it. I won't mind to just add it to the collection, if it's really cute. We'll see.
  12. but your gettin both speedies right

    :anxious: :heart:
  13. For sure. :yes:
  14. ekkk....:yahoo: :nuts:

    i cannot wait to see them, and your whole collection after all that :shocked:
    im only getting the speedy in silver looking color :heart: (my mother called in and i think asked a SA to hold one i dunno, but my aunt called in for 3, 2 speedies and 1 alma in taiwan :graucho: )

    michelle= lv :king:

    ...so has this new line become your new favorite? (replacing the WHITE MC)
  15. this will be my next LV bag, ok probably not but I watched the fashoin show on LV.com France site and saw this and I MUST have it in silver-now heres a ?...I bought my first on elux and second on ebay so I dont have a SA-can I still go in to reserve or order?