"Mirror Finish" Speedy

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  1. Hi ladies.
    This is my first post on here, as to one of my good friends has now got me very interested in bags and thought i would join.
    Besides cheaper bags like D&B ostrich, Samantha Thavasa Nicky Hilton bag my husband got me from a trip to tokyo, etc... I have only had one "serious" bag as I call it. I am currently carrying a Blk Suhali Le Talentueux. So now I want something a bit different and I saw the Speedy "Mirror finish" bag.
    I just want to get some opinions on it. I think it would be a fun bag to carry, but I am not sure if it would be too over bearing?
    The thing is I have had my name on the list for over a month now and they kept telling me in would be in by Oct. 13 at the latest. Well I have waited a month, called yesterday and the lady that answered said that bag isnt going to be released till Dec. So now I am so bummed and I am actually going to the store today or tommorrow to get the real story. Anyone here know when it will actually be out?? I am anixous :shrugs: :confused1: :nuts:
  2. I was told around xmas shopping time. I've been on the list since July.
  3. Huney there are plenty of threads regarding miroir bags :smile:

    anyway at first it was said Oct/Nov is the release date, then it was pushed back to Dec.

    try searching LV's subforum for more info :smile:
  4. December sounds about right because azur will be out in Nov 15..
  5. Ok. Thank you.
    Sorry I looked for threads about the bag but couldnt find any. Maybe i need to look harder:idea: .
    The lady i talked to on the phone said "and the date has not even been pushed back or changed" I think she was just saying that and I think you are right about it being pushed back or why else would they have told me that for over a month.!!

    Sorry for misspelling the name. I should at least know how to spell it haha.
  6. OH, and....

    Wecome to the Purse Forum!!
    Always love to meet fellow Bag lovers.
  7. Thanks!! I am so glad I found this site!! I am sure my husband isnt so much though hee hee. :graucho:

    Oh and thanks for sending me that link. That helped alot. See I told ya i have alot to learn. I didnt know all the other bags were coming in that finish too. I just saw the Speedy and that is what i put my name down on. Hmmm. Now i like them all. :love:
  8. Welcome to tpf!!!!

    Which one you down for silver or gold?

    my SA told me dec & many others pfer's have heard the same
  9. The F/W collection was so pretty, the Miroir in particular. Alma is huuuuuge, did you see the pics of Janet Jackson with hers in the celeb thread?? It is massive & looks kind of cheap. I think the speedy & pap are going to look good though. At least that is what I am hoping, so many of us have been on the darn waitlist a loooong time!:hysteric: That bag better be gorgeous!!
  10. I am going with the silver. Just because I wear alot of white gold and silver stuff. And it just looks clean. I like the gold since gold is all the rage right now. But I am not sure how long that will last. My husband is into high end watches ( i myself have become obsessed as well) and gold is starting to come back again in that department. But i think i will stick to the silver.

    I going to go check out the janets bag right now.
  11. welcome!!!

    i think the silver speedy looks really really gooddddd