Mirror Bags - I have doubts that it is Very Limited

  1. I read in the other threads that this line is VERY/EXTREMELY Limited mainly because they have production problems and stores (including main landmarks) are receiving small stock amounts.

    I am thinking this would only be an initial stock shortage and in time to come, stores will receive more supplies?? Just like the perfo and groom, stocks were still coming in after the initial sell-out. I just do not believe that these initial stocks are just IT and there would be no/less mirror stocks being produced, right? Is this hype or should everyone here be worried?

    Reason is I have a silver speedy on the waiting list (and am sure I will get it) for my sis and am not sure whether to buy it so early or maybe wait a month or two to recoup my finances.
  2. remember the cherry blossom craze? when these run out thats it =(
  3. i don't know... how often does that happen?
  4. I don't know how limited but I just called LV and it is indeed very limited and the list is closed. BTW it'll be launched 1st Dec. in Australia as well. Oh, lucky sis of yours mercx5 :love:
  5. I called LV too, and they said it launch around Christmas time in New Zealand? So late?:confused1:
  6. Yeah it actually is going to be more limited..from what my SA has told me, the larger stores (i.e. the full scale boutiques) will get approximately 25 Speedies (I don't know whether that's 25 of each color or total though) and the smaller counters at Saks and Neiman etc. will get 2 (again, not sure if that's total, meaning one of each color or 2 of each color).
  7. They never said that the perfo and the were limited tey said it's seasonal, the groom even showed up on elux the day after the launch. About 2 weeks after the launch for the perfo it was on elux as well.

    My SA told me that they will really limited, he even said me that he feels bad because there is a high demand on this particular line.
  8. My thoughts are that this is a completely new line (abt 6-7 items) which is comparable with Cerises, Perfo and Groom. Does not make sense why LV will make so limited quantities of it when there are so huge demand for it. Doesn't a line usually last foar at least a few months. LV has abt 2-3 months to continue making them, why stop short when it is popular? Their aim is to make profits, right?

    I havent been around long enough to experience the CB or Grafitti, did the same thing happened? i.e. once initial stocks are sold out albeit a few more stocks come in, and that's it?! Cerises & perfo lasted for approx. 6 months..i guess they continued to produce them but why not Mirror?

    Any experts wanna shed some light?
  9. I recall when both those lines were released here and they were quite difficult to obtain and once they were sold that was it ..no more was produced...it was different when the cerises range was launched here..there was a lot more product for sale and it took a while before it was sold out. I think the miroir is limited in comparison to the groom & perfo being seasonal?
  10. Well in all actuality, it's a good marketing technique. If they overproduce, people will see such a large amount all over that they'll see themselves coming and going.
    And I think even those who are interested in non-designer bags want to be a bit original and not have the same bag everyone else has. By underproducing, it creates demand and therefore, will ensure that the line will sell well. I can see how it's not extremely fair to the customers but a lot of companies work this way and it's a way to keep sales and demand for the product up.
  11. I couldn't have said it any better :yes:
  12. Hopefully a lot of PF´ers get their Miroirs!!
  13. In that case, wouldn't you girls be freakin' out right now? Frankly, I didnt know LV would pull something like this. Usually something that nice and limited would cost a bomb and nobody ever can afford it.
  14. I wish everyone super luck through the soon to be very difficult time. Now everyone just remember:
    no running
    no pushing
    no pulling hair :hysteric:
    no screaming .... ok maybe a lil screaming as long as it's from excitement :yahoo:
    no trampling the innocent bystanders who will look on in horror as we all rush the LV boutiques on launch day :confused1:

    hehehe :P :roflmfao: :sweatdrop:
  15. The prob is there wont be anything left for sale to walk in customers as from what we hear here, the stores have their stocks all booked up.