Mirror and Vernis Cosmetics Cases

  1. We need the search function back!!
    Anyway I know this info is here somewhere but I can't find it.

    What are the dimensions of the mirror and vernis cosmetics cases? Price?

  2. i know, i never realized how much i relied on the search function! lol but sorry i don't have any info on the cases since i'm not getting any.
  3. Looks like about 7 x 3 inches?

    Thanks for the pricing info.
  4. You're welcome! Hope it helped a little.
  5. I was in the store today and couldn't decided that which one I should get it almost exactly the same size...

    which would you guys pick? I just wonder?
  6. They're all so yummy, right now I'm partial to the gold & pomme, but that could change in a heartbeat - I'm fickle (except for LV of course.)
  7. I soo badly want one fo these now!!
    I would love a silver miroir or pomme xx
  8. Are the cosmetic cases out yet in the US or do they have a release date of Feb 1?
  9. ^I'm pretty sure the release date is still Feb 1 from what I've heard... so sad... LV should stick to their dates that they put out... its not fair for us LOL

    And I'm more than likely going to get the Mirror in gold... it'll match my hardware on my speedy and will go good with whatever I wear if I use it as a clutch :smile:
  10. ^^^^ i want to know too. some said not until 1st feb but i keep seeing them here :sad:

    i want one
  11. ^ They're out in other countries I think... not in the US.. I think our launch date was moved to the 1st.... :yucky:
  12. I love those so much! They're hot and totally yummy. How much do they cost? And when did they start putting the little 'Louis Vuitton' tags at the top? It looks too cute!

    ETA: I'd looooove to buy one to use as a clutch :wlae:
  13. I called today to WL a pomme cosmetic case and I was told that they will be $345. The SA said there were none in the US system yet...???