Mirror 2006: Pochettes

  1. LV.mirror.pochette.JPG Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a pic that I found while flipping through Bazaar's July mag. The silver and gold pochettes are 430$ each and, as noted in the pic, made of VINYL!!! :biggrin:
  2. Wow, they're so beautiful! I am on the waitlist for the silver pochette, but now I think the gold is better...what does everyone think?
  3. hmm...I'm going to sleep on this one, interesting looking. I thought it'd be like a silver/gold version of the monogram

    thanks for posting!!!
  4. that looks very flashy and reminds me of the plates on the antigua line. :smile:
  5. Too tiny for the $$$.:sad:
  6. ok now i might just have to get these instead of the speedy. but i have no ideaaa
  7. hmm its nice but its a bit too flashy for me
  8. does it appear that small.

  9. Can you say GORGEOUS?
  10. JENNIFER!!! :heart:

    why go through life un-noticed.lol :graucho:
  11. According to SAs they will hold less than Lexington.:shocked:
  12. They kind of look like giant bars of chocolate in Louis Vuitton wrappers. This is probably going to have to be a see in person piece.
  13. :blink: = my face
  14. How much for the speedy?:roflmfao:

    And ya...I do agree with all of you...it does look kinda small...But hey it's still nice to look at:biggrin:
  15. Est. retail for the speedy is US$1150.00 or CAN$1350.00:biggrin: