Mirroir Heart Coin Purse NEWS!

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  1. I just got back from LV and saw the Mirroir (gold & silver) heart coin purses. I can't buy them until friday as the release date is Jan 11. They look very nice! They still haven't received the Vernis pieces with charms but they expect them by the end of this week so I can pick them all up on Friday!!! :yahoo:
  2. cool, thanx for the update!
  3. awesome! Do you know if it'll be in all stores ok Friday?
  4. I'm pretty sure all stores will have them on Friday.
  5. I didn't get to see them but I'm on the list for all. I'm thinking of getting amarante and gold. :tup:
  6. Very exciting news, there is a pic posted in the summary thread of a gold one and it is very cute!
  7. How exciting, what color are you getting?
  8. Really! I also went to LV as well today and saw the hearts in miroir!! As for the vernis hearts, my store was the same in the UK non until friday!
  9. Are they available in the US on friday as well?
  10. has there been any news on the cosmetic cases?
  11. Someone said on another thread usa release is postponed till Feb 1, just in time for the price increase Yuck!!!!!!!!!
  12. ^^noooo!! im so nervous i wont get one. i need it in my hands as soon as possible
  13. thanks for sharing! did they tell you how much it cost?
  14. Yes...I called today and spoke with my SA and he said theres a poster in the back with a pic of the hearts and it says the release date is Feb. 1st. So we'll have to wait another couple weeks here in the states...in a way thats good. Gives me a little time to get some money together :tup:

    He also said that he's heard nothing about the cosmetic cases...are they supposed to be part of the valentines day pieces?
  15. My SA said the release was still scheduled for the 11th but that they haven't received any yet- she doesn't even know how many her store is being alloted.

    anyway the Hawaiian price for the case is now $365, not $350.