Mirroir and Ambre lines (and ramblings...)

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  1. Morning!

    I was wondering, did either the Mirroir or the Ambre, ever appear in any of the Vuitton brochures/catalogues?

    I also don't remember seeing either in print press? I was wondering if there wasn't a big press launch, as both were quite limited in their release?

    If they did appear anywhere, please could you let me know?

    Also, for those Ambre experts out there, what was released in the Ambre line? It's just I saw they have Ambre towels available now on Vuitton.com, and so I was wondering what there wa in Ambre, apart from the Cabas Vinyle and the Cabas Neo?

    I remember when the Ambre first came out. I can't tell you how evocotive it is of my childhood. I look at the Ambre, and I can just smell Ambre Solair sun oil. When I was about 5, I also had a little bag made of the same Ambre vinyl, which I loved, because it matched my bottle of oil!! I never did succumb to the Ambre when it came out, as I just thought it too expensive for, (sshhh) a plastic bag, but it still has me under it's spell, so I may just have to fold and try and get one.

    I am aware that Let-trade current has two.... *eek*!!

    Thanks in advance for any help!!


  2. I don't believe the Miroir was in any catalogs that went to print for customers, only for the in store catalogs and promotional brochures. They were in different photo spreads in a few magazines though.
    As for the Ambre, I'm not sure because that was before I was too interested in LV. As far as I know though, it wasn't.
  3. Thanks. I thought that about both of them.

    I remember someone kindly said previously that Mirroir was in Nov Vogue last year. I haven't managed to get a copy and I was wondering if the Mirroir was in an actual campaign photo, or pictured in a feature? (if you get what I mean?)

    Thanks again!

  4. ^^Yeah I bought that issue because of it lol. I think I sold it though.
    Anyway it was just in the photo spread that the magazine set up, it wasn't one of the LV campaigns. I remember the ones from last year were mostly Naomi Cambell and Pharell, the Miroir line was more hush hush since it was so limited.
    I believe that may have been the case with the Ambre line as well. They don't really seem to put in the super limited bags as much as they do the more mainstream ones. Sometimes they'll throw in some of the harder to find bags (like Uma and the Cerises Sac Fermoir and the Mono Denim Chinchilla bags) but mostly they're the more readily available ones that are advertised. Probably because by the time the ads would hit magazines, the bags would have been long sold out.
  5. im pretty sure the Ambre bags appeared in a Cruise collection catalogue. but im still trying to recall what was on the cover :Push:
  6. Ooh, thanks. Please let me know if you remember, or manage to find out which one.:tup:


  7. im my mind's eye it was a photo you can only see the model's legs (i think it was Dewi Driegen) carrying a Cabas PM standing on a towel. all my old LV catalogues are in a different city at the moment.