Mirrior Wallet? Yes...No? Pics??/ AAKKK!!

  1. OK..fist things first...does the Mirrior line even have wallets, this is the first one I have seen. Also, it they do exist, does anyone have a pic of one and maybe a price list? Thanks all!!
  2. No miroir wallets have been made.
  3. Only bags
  4. I wouldn't want a wallet. The miroir is more delicate then some may think! A wallet would get trashed inside of a bag.
  5. Nope, they don't exist, no small items were made in this line.
  6. they do have the miroir pochette which could be like a wallet..
  7. Yes, I'd think a wallet would get very trashed inside a bag.
  8. It's really large and flat though, not like the other pochettes LV makes.
  9. I wish they would have made accessories, I think with the proper care the accessories would be just fine with being used, like the bags :smile:
  10. That would've been nice.
  11. Did they ever make the miroir keychain/cles thingy that was in the look book. I don;t remember seeing any of them. (Plus elle doesn;t have one so...LOL)
  12. ^Yeah it was just a metal plaque thing, not really the cutest and not made of Miroir material. It hung down pretty far and the corners were kind of sharp from what I remember. I actually think they're still available in the stores.

    ETA: I just checked the LV site and they're still on there, just type in Inventeur key holder.
  13. An actual cles would have been nice like the vernis ones but in miroir.
  14. No, sadly. I would have loved a Cles or a Ludlow... :sad: