Mirrior Boots...LOVE THEM OR HATE THEM ?

  1. have a look ...I think there great...there a bit like moon boots but are quite stunning.

  2. They remind me of rain boots with straps on them... not a fan? :Push:
  3. :shrugs: Nope.

    As John said, they do look like rain boots.
  4. Not my style but I am sure JS would probably be wearing them soon because US magazine said they are the IN thing.:Push:
  5. yes they do remind me of SPACE BOOTS!! a def no for me...
  6. I think they look like Elton John moon boots. Heheh.. but they'd be seriously hot if rocked in a certain way !
  7. I looove them.
  8. They remind me of a bad pop music video where the singer is in space and those are the boot she would be wearing.
  9. I don't hate them, but I certainly have better thing to spend my money on. Of course, if I got them as a gift I'd accept.. :smile:
  10. no, not loving them...
  11. Love them!
  12. Ugly!
  13. They remind me of the 1970s and 1980s all rolled into one boot.
  14. Pass.
  15. They look like they just came out of some 'Pimp My Boots' show! :nuts:
    Thanks, but no thanks. :lol: