Miroslava's Balenciaga coat

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  1. Please can you help me find this coat, many many many thanks

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  2. That Balenciaga coat is from F/W 07 collection- its gorgeous I know-
    however it is no longer available- This winter 08 they had one with Black suede and rabbit fur-
    Hope that helps you out:queen:alice22
  3. Hi alice22
    I always seem to catch stuff I like too late :sad:
    thanks for the tip about the new coat though :smile:
  4. Does anyone happen to know what the price was for the 08 coat? Thanks...:smile:
  5. Fabulous coat - love it
  6. The price for that coat- with fox fur was around 7000$ I'm guessing- as it was approx. 5000euros Hope that helps:queen:Fall 2007 The one from 2008 was approx. 3900euros I guess 5000$ w/ rabbit fur