Miroslava Duma Style Thread

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  1. Previous thread.
    Please make sure to always link to the source you're posting from.
  2. Thanks for this new thread ! I hope people from the old one will find it ! :smile:
    I personally love her latest outfits !

    zimbio.com, instagram.com/queenmiraduma (if you see this thread, I'd love those pics in better quality :kiss:smile:
    Miroslava+Duma+Giorgio+Armani+40th+Anniversary+to59EdvJi5Ex.jpg Miroslava+Duma+Giorgio+Armani+40th+Anniversary+0EdslqjhN_nx.jpg IMG_6443.PNG IMG_6444.PNG

  3. Like the first outfit!
  4. I love the first and the last. Don't care for the middle outfit.
  5. Buro247.ru

    I feel like I've seen this outfit multiple times !
  6. Can someone put Instagram pics..
  7. Nowadays she's a one trick pony
  8. Insta

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1431087759.645148.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1431087771.290524.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1431087826.262415.jpg
  9. Miroslava Duma attends the Dior Croisiere 2016 at Palais Bulle on May 11, 2015 in Theoule sur Mer, France.

  10. If someone can post inst pics..there is pics with cildren
    475564188.jpg DSC_7202.jpg
  11. insta, buro 24/7
    BFA_12485_1545176.jpg BFA_12489_1545582.jpg 11358154_556555637817103_536413225_n.jpg 11377929_1591833554422168_1193224237_n.jpg 11363662_373618239493743_2128247823_n.jpg 11355876_394950024034892_1364606085_n.jpg DSC_5337.jpg 11272965_388019614655073_1968217598_n.jpg 11250108_1579498365661538_1716492716_n.jpg 11265989_1580836865525880_492303810_n.jpg
  12. The fourth pic from the bottom going up reminds me of old Mira.
  13. ^^ that's what i thought too! she was cool then
  14. She looks great recently.
  15. I didn't realize she had her baby! She looks great! I can totally see myself rocking some of what she recently wore. Hopefully the old Mira is making a comeback!