Miroslava Duma - a Russian "It" Girl

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  1. I still love these looks for them. It's age appropriate and still very stylish, but her friend Natasha needs to work on her posture!
  2. ^^^ Me too!:yes:

    New pic :tup:

  3. She looks great. Love her dress. I just wish she would wear bangs like before, she looks so much better like that.
  4. Mira's got the 80's look down pack! fluffed bangs, large dot earrings, even the blazer!

    Is that a manniquin between them?
  5. TOTALLY!:yes:
  6. Hi H_addict, do you know who designed the leather jacket Mira wears in the pic below? It looks sooo yummy!! Thanks in advance.. And keep the pics coming!! Love love love them!

  7. ^ that jacket is just so Yuumy + so stylish


    ^^ and here i love how she use a jumbo chanel as a clutch :tup::heart:
    is it a classic jumbo isn't it ??
  8. I'm not a fan of the long, flowered dress on her. She is just so petite that it almost overpowers her. Even so, I love the clutch and the leather vest! But I love the boho look that calicocat posted; Mira's leather jacket is perfect.
  9. Hi HauteMama, it's H_Addict's post - she's one of this thread's masters (I wanted to say mistresses but it sounds so wrong :push:..)

    Love your posts, H_Addict! :woohoo:
  10. [​IMG]
    Does anyone know where her headband, dress and bag are from?
    Is her jacket balenciaga?
  11. I love this outfit!! I'm curious about the headband and dress too.
  12. Her leather jacket is BALENCIAGA


    Ostrich clutch is DEVI KROELL


    Headband is CHANEL


    and I am still working on IDing the dress she has on in the last pic.
    balenciaga jacket.jpg chanel headband.jpg g17.jpg
  13. H_addict - you rule :tup:

  14. ^^^ My pleasure!:flowers:

    :lol: No, it isn't! It's Vika Gazinskaya (who's fashion show they were @). Here another pic of Mira with Vika:

    Rick Owens leather jacket.jpg
  15. Here's a pic of Mira with Liza M. :smile:

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