Miroslava Duma - a Russian "It" Girl (Part III)

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  1. zimbio.com
    Miroslava+Duma+PFW+Arrivals+Miu+Miu+Gw0LVnK8uthx.jpg Miroslava+Duma+PFW+Arrivals+Miu+Miu+lOBgPfcG3XNx.jpg Miroslava+Duma+PFW+Arrivals+Miu+Miu+sGUSGGPrBXQx.jpg Miroslava+Duma+PFW+Arrivals+Miu+Miu+JQCyibOfqecx.jpg
  2. I looooove her hair in the short vintage style! My favorite of her looks. Very classic and stylish at the same time.
  3. Love Mira in Flamingo Dress by Vika Gazinskaya - this shade of pink is lovely!
  4. Sorry double post

  5. I love these flats and this clock bag! Can someone ID please?
  6. i think the clock clutch is Charlotte Olympia
  7. if you compare these pics below with #8520 esp her in the blue dress
    i think she lost some weight.. her face is slimmer, probably that is why it seems like she did a nose job??
  8. zimbio.com, buro247.ru, buro247.kz, vogue.es, vogue.fr, nymag.com
    Miroslava+Duma+PFW+Front+Row+Miu+Miu+HSE3qM4c_fVx.jpg BFA_7267_850875.jpg BFA_7267_850867.jpg PFWSS14-street-style-p6-1.jpg 1310020318_hg_temp2_m_full_l.jpg street_style_paris_fashion_week_septiembre_2013_430971152_1200x.jpg 907b6661_37802044_north_883x.jpg miroslava_duma__fondatrice_de_buro_24_7_3065_north_883x.jpg 2.jpg 1.jpg
  9. wmagazine.com, fashionologie.com, harpersbazaar.com
    paris-fashion-week-spring-2014-street-style-day7-43-760x505.jpg Best-Street-Style-Paris-Fashion-Week-Spring-2014-Pictures.jpg tumblr_mu2d1kxkWo1r3ydyuo1_500.jpg tumblr_mu20aokrYK1qbhipzo1_500.jpg
  10. ImaxTree
  11. Great pics of MD, monia, thanks!
  12. #8532 Oct 3, 2013
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    buro247.ru, glamour.ru
    _MG_3518.jpg _MG_3514.jpg _MG_3241.jpg 525x692_27ENomECxgJzaugryXHuE4_1rO60nXRf_U5kAkkeFNM.jpeg 525x717_Q2YWVlDjjRnEwFl0nHHK-RwnqrlV-ctvkkB6XPi7LEE.jpeg 525x632_51rmArcNtdOuFCjwiBhcqKZ34UX-LW1tQ0qWlVgJ_Qo.jpeg 525x624_WdvsqKMZ-W2YZ0BgdvtXxfV0RKs2N0ABpnnZ1n91aj4.jpeg
  13. purepeople
  14. Love the outfit, great style here unlike some we have seen Miroslava in recently, I guess that's fashion, some like it some don't. Love her shoes and they look similar style to the peach suede heels, they really suit her, anyone ID them?

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