Miroslava Duma - a Russian "It" Girl (Part III)

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    9cVflfbOxZQ.jpg 8119054783_cdcba540f6_o.jpg 8119054875_e35acfb55d_o.jpg
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    J5NA4wvRgHQ.jpg I9JAJksEo58.jpg
  3. Superwoman !
  4. haha yes!!!! :biggrin:
  5. Love her shoes! :heart:
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    69.jpg 47.jpg 7.jpg
  7. Miroslava and Vika both look really good on these last pictures. I see Mira has a new iphone... I wonder if it's worth switching?
  8. Marc Quinn & Phillips De Pury Moscow Gala Dinner
    i like it so much!!
    154685077.jpg 154685082.jpg 154685115.jpg 154685117.jpg 154685119.jpg
  9. tatler.ru and vogue.ru
    32e2a413d8d84af0611a69987fb1103a.jpg 47aaa00dedc411648f5edc0b4d447b0e.jpg 400x600_Quality100_BOYKO_121024_1169.JPG 400x600_Quality100_BOYKO_121024_1193.JPG 670x443_Quality100_BOYKO_121024_1217.JPG
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    670x463_Quality100_ACON5613.jpg 670x472_Quality100_BOYKO_121024_1220.JPG
  11. I LOVE this!!! So pretty and chic, she looks so much fresher without all the jewelry :girlsigh:
  12. ^ agreed. great look!
  13. buro247.ru
    marc_quinn_256_jpg_1351152003.jpg marc_quinn_271_jpg_1351152005.jpg marc_quinn_271_jpg_1351158422.jpg$min$1003$364$$$.jpeg marc_quinn_269_jpg_1351152005.jpg marc_quinn_297_jpg_1351152011.jpg
  14. Instagram
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