Miroslava Duma - a Russian "It" Girl (Part III)

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  1. Can anyone ID the back out one piece she's wearing
  2. ^^ The black cutout jumpsuit? Uliana Sergeenko.

    I love the outfit with the leopard jacket and the loafers on the Vespa!
  3. after seeing a close up pic of her jumpsuit, i think it's a little too scandalous for her :lol:
  4. Ladies, please, let's not forget the dire poverty in the republics of the former Soviet Union.

    We are talking about people so poor that children and teens live in the sewer system because their parents can't afford to feed them.

    And then there are threads right here on the Russian It-Girls? I have a rough time wrapping my head around this.

    This may pop the Russian It-Girl-Of-The-Day bubble. I hope it does, although I doubt it, taking into account the vapidity I witness.

    My customers on a daily basis are those of the top Russian 1%, the ones with the real money. Trust me, they are not "nice". They didn't get where they are by being decent and honest. Hello, Naomi!

    In comparison, I have neighbors who are Russian as well. The kindest, most thoughtful neighbors anyone could wish for.
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    miroslava duma home moscow.png miroslava duma casa.PNG miroslava duma house 1.png
  6. Miroslava wrote: "check up my short video on Style.com and guess why im so serious there". I'm curious :biggrin:
  7. where did she write this? haha i'm curious, too!!
  8. Instagram ;)
  9. I can't imagine the reason she is so serious. do you?
  10. I also can't imagine. Maybe there's no serious reason? ;) Maybe she will write later :smile:
  11. I knew that it's strange that she's so serious!who knows why, maybe she's planning a surprise or something:smile:
  12. Ulyana Sergeenko birthday party
    6b774eb4f46f11e182a722000a1cbb37_7.jpg ae77d206f46511e1939222000a1e8b24_7.jpg 825eed6ef46811e195351231381b651f_7.jpg
  13. Can anyone please identify mira's thong sandals she wore couple of times? Or have anyone came across similar ones?
    I thought they were super easy to find, unfortunately I was wrong, can't seem to find any as simple as hers. Thanks!
  14. img.purseforum.com/attachments/celebrity-forums/celebrity-style-threads/1834857d1345036394-miroslava-duma-a-russian-it-girl-part-iii-1c3fe052e6c511e1ac3022000a1d03a3_7.jpg
  15. It's probably Dolce & Gabbana Flat T-Strap Sandal but Black :smile:
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