Miroslava Duma - a Russian "It" Girl (Part III)

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  1. #5416 Aug 3, 2012
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    6a4d9306af3f11e1abd612313810100a_7.jpg 09404c66c5d311e18cf91231380fd29b_7.jpg 736e9ba8907011e1abd61231381b6d77_7.jpg a12bd174d80e11e1b46022000a1cdc13_7.jpg
  2. :loveeyes:
    03_jpg_1343981612.jpg 348-cna-22c-tt-dsc_8587-rgb-full_jpg_1343978346.jpg
  3. This is too old for her. Maybe when she's 50 . . .
  4. Monia 347 - i haven't seen any of the recent photos u have posted. Thanx for that.

    I actually like the pink coat just wished she had jazzed it up a bit more with the accessories. I don't think the coat is too old just the way she is wearing it.

    The coat is Dior and according to Buro 24/7 she and other fashion bloggers are being used as part of their campaign.
  5. I would totally wear that coat and bib - I don't think she looks old, she looks stylish. That colour is amazing
  6. I would too but something is off. I think the upper part of the coat overwhelms her.
  7. hi, can someone please id that brown clutch with the turquoise knob I have seen her carry it many times thanks :smile:
  8. I love her simple outfit from third photo and I don't like her old long hair :tdown: But she misses them! Grrr
    1c2c35a4de3011e1aee522000a1e8a5f_7.jpg 3a839c18de3011e1a62d1231380fd04a_7.jpg c9991f50de7a11e1984822000a1cf771_7.jpg 2730749cde7b11e1a62d1231380fd04a_7.jpg
  9. I think she looked a lot better with long hair. Younger too.
  10. Urban Outfitters, Louis Vuitton & Happy Sunday
    b20ca098debe11e18dc022000a1cdd2b_7.jpg f2a319e4dee011e1ba4022000a1e8932_7.jpg
  11. I think she looks more flawless in her short hair; love it! :heart::heart:
  12. Mallorca
    87497b02df9e11e1bde812313b08e061_7.jpg 9fd28a9cdf4911e189de22000a1e95dd_7.jpg
  13. Old :smile:
    f79831c48ed011e1989612313815112c_7.jpg 3621b00c8ed911e1b9f1123138140926_7.jpg df03298479cc11e1989612313815112c_7.jpg
  14. Fendi F/W 2009 :smile:
  15. .
    8a784478c6dc11e1aaec22000a1e88af_7.jpg 3a5dbabec0af11e180c9123138016265_7.jpg
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