Miroslava Duma - a Russian "It" Girl (Part III)

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Dec 17, 2008
Just something that caught my attention, mira isn't following natasha on instagram :/ she is following everybodyyyy, all her besties except for natasha, don't know.. quite weird imo. Somebody asked natasha on her tumblr if she and mira are still friends and she said yes (of course, don't think she wants to discuss her private life on the internet) but exactly what somebody already mentioned.. even if they are attending the same event, they don't take pictures together. Even at ulyana's show, mira was sitting with lena etc. and natasha at the other side.. anyway it seems that something has changed.
May 16, 2008
ok sorry, that last post was hard to ignore - can i just say that this is not perezhilton.
let's keep this forum classy - stay on topic, which is her STYLE.

you can start a gossip thread if you please but this is not the place.

most go here to look at her pictures and style.
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