Miroslava Duma - a Russian "It" Girl (Part III)

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  1. Which mag is this?
  2. .
    9956.jpg 9956a.jpg
  3. New pics
    1st from her instagram @miraduma
    2&3 from @irina_volskaya
    image-1966071870.jpg image-2664492594.jpg image-3785856996.jpg
  4. aw i miss her long hair.
  5. love the photo and those heels in the latest photo
  6. Another pic from instagram,, i asked her to post clear pic of her shoes and she did immediately :smile:)
  7. Instagram @miraduma
  8. thanks for the photo, love those - she wears them well
  9. Welcome any time :smile:
  10. Gorgeous shoes!
  11. The all-nude outfit is really Mira :smile: plus her eye makeup looks great really refined.
  12. Loving it!
  13. i think she looks cuter with the bob.
  14. What is up with that awful hair of hers these days? :shocked:
  15. Modenm - all those instagram photos have made me fall in love with her style again. To me these days her best looks are when she does something less conservative.

    So when she wears bold prints or clashing prints. I love her experimentation with style. Conservative looks do not suit her that much IMO.

    Not a fan of the last two looks. The beige kind of washes her out and the last jacket is very old fashioned.

    Love her strippy top. Great casual look from her.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.