Miroslava Duma - a Russian "It" Girl (Part III)

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  2. aaaaaah ... to have an unlimited budget for everything ... :cloud9:
  3. OMG!!! HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tender: The first pic especially brings back tons of memories for me !!!:lol:
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  5. eshe kakaia, prishla zapisivat svoego sina v detskiy krujok, mne ne poverili chto ia mama, dumali ia sebia prishla zapisivat

    what does it mean?
  6. Thank you for that:smile: It's nice to see someone share that opinion. I thought I was a freak! lol

  7. I had no idea she is based out of NYC now :shrugs:
  8. She says that she went to sign up her son for some play goup and they didn't believe that she was the mom and though she came to sign herself up!:lol:
  9. That was my understanding from prior posts...maybe I am mistaken...

    And H Addict - That comment is funny especially since I still can't believe she is a mother she looks so incredibly young!
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    193.jpg 193a.jpg 193b.jpg
  11. :lol: !! That is adorable, I could totally see that happening.
  12. ahahahahahahat the funniest thing i have ever heard!!
  13. Not feeling the blue dress at all. Not my cup of tea.

    I love the striped skirt and adore her high heel sandals. Love those. Not a fan of the jacket. So glad she is posting these pix.

    Agreed with the posters about missing her old style. She plays it much more safer now and dress more conservatively.

    Still i love that she wears contrasting prints. I am still inspired by some of her outfits.
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  15. the floral dresses, :nuts::faint::faint:
    thanks for the photos btw
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