1. Is there still a chance of getting one if you weren't on the waitlist?
  2. Probably? I saw a gold pouchette today so...
  3. If you mean the collection released in December, basically everything is completely gone, there should still be silver pochettes available, maybe a gold or two and that's it. It looks like there may be a Lockit released in July, which I'm totally looking forward to. I'm trying to start a waitlist at my boutique, but they insist no such bag is being released. Ugh!
  4. No Miroir Speedy's left. :sad: I've heard there are still a few Pochettes left.

    Good luck finding one! :search:
  5. Call the LV hotline and check what's in stock....I know there are some pochettes still available. You could check eBay as well.
  6. Yeah the pochette is about all that's around right now.
  7. Lol qtpie and Juan..we all answered at the same time :lol:
  8. I really want a silver Pap. I'll call the 866 number in the morning and see what I can drum up. :crybaby:
  9. silver pouchette at valley fair...no speedies, anywhere.
  10. What about Paps?
  11. go to eBay! There are some that arent that bad above retail!
  12. What about Paps?
  13. I haven't heard of any for a long time, they lasted a little longer than the speedys, but not much.
  14. None left here for paps and speedies, but I think there were a couple of pochettes.
  15. Silver pouchette at the LV store in PDX OR - I saw it there today