miroirs alma , speedy

  1. are they sold out. if anybody sees a alma or a speedy or papallion please post. thanks i want one so bad.
  2. I thought I remembered Michelle saying Valley Fair had the Almas and Papillons. Also, when I was up at the Saks in South Coast Plaza, the SA just randomly asked me if I wanted to see the Papillon, so they had them then..they might now too.
  3. Yah, they had a silver Papillon, silver Keepall and gold Alma on display when I went shopping there last week. You can call the store direct at 408-247-1102. Hope that helps and let us know if you decide to purchase something.
  4. i just called the valley store tonight and the girl i talked to was rude and said that they didn't have any miroir bags and they were all wait listed. is there anyone nice i can ask for. my vioce sounds young but i am not.
  5. thanks everybody i will call tommorow when they open and let everybody know what happens.
  6. Really? The store was still open? I thought they were closed already.
  7. no like acouple of hours ago.
  8. sorry i am on east cost time.