1. i got my first Miroir item on Tuesday, its the lockit of course! :p Anyways, i LOVE it in real life, i wasnt so sure before i got it...anyways i am afraid to use it! is there anything special to know about it care wise? or is it pretty durable? just wondering if any of with the speedys or other Miroir items have any words of wisdom...Thanks!

    oh i got the Silver!
  2. Congrats on the new hot bag!!! Did you get a little brown care booklet with your bag?
  3. just the usual things
    don't rub it with or against anything abresive but especially careful where you put it down because of the smooth bottom

    Avoid things that could transfer usually says something about newspaper etc.

    it's fine with rain but doesn't like cold they go very stiff and I guess there may be more risk of damage at this point once it warms up it fine
  4. Thanks for the tips! Yes i did get the care booklet, i guess it would help if i read it...lol

    I usually abuse my bags more than most of you it seems like so i will have to make sure im really careful with this one.

    we will be in vegas next weekend and i cant wait to use it there!